msTracker Status Categories

Manuscripts may, but are not required to, pass through the following status categories. The user whose Attention Needed Display presents the manuscripts in each category is stated in parentheses, where applicable.

  • New Submissions in Need of Accessioning (administrator)
  • Need Accessioning Completed (administrator)
  • Awaiting Editor Assignment (main editor)
  • Editor Assigned/Awaiting Reviewer Identification (assigned editor)
  • Need Review Requests Sent (administrator)
  • Review Initiated (administrator and assigned editor)
  • Out For Review (see Outstanding Reviews report menu option)
  • Reviews In/Need Decision Letters Composed (assigned editor)
  • Decision Letter Created/Need Editor Approval (main editor - can be sent directly if a final proofread by the administrator is not desired)
  • Decision Letters Approved/Need Sent (administrator - if the main editor desires a final proofread)
  • Awaiting Revision
  • Accepted/Forms and Final Version Pending
  • Accepted/Forms & Final Version Received/Publication Pending (see Compile Issue menu option)
  • Rejected
  • Withdrawn
  • Previous Version
  • Published