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Types of Publications

Hospitality Publications
The centers and institutes at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration publish a series of four types of online research studies: reports, tools, roundtable highlights, and indices. The publications are valuable for their broad appeal and practical implications for hospitality and service industry executives, managers, operators, and consultants.

Business at Cornell Case Collection
The Business at Cornell Case Collection is a series of teaching cases with corresponding teaching notes that cover a wide range of business disciplines, including economics, finance, real estate, management, and marketing. The collection includes cases from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, where business courses, minors, majors, and degrees are offered.

Cornell Real Estate Review
The Cornell Real Estate Review was founded in 2002 as a forum for real estate faculty, professionals, and students to examine, interpret, and discuss current issues in the real estate industry. The Review focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of real estate by blending informative articles on real estate practice with application-based academic research. To achieve this aim, the Review covers a broad range of issues within the various disciplines of real estate, including but not limited to: development, finance and investment, marketing, design, and planning.

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