msTracker Pricing

Have the authors, editors, and reviewers for your publication(s) come to desire an accessible, mobile-friendly manuscript management system that is easier to use (and less expensive) than its competitors? If so, msTracker offers two pricing options. Both are designed to reduce the temporal and financial costs associated with peer review management.

Hosted Option

With the hosted option, a system for your publication runs on this domain. We handle the initial set-up, migration of person records, daily backups, and server administration. The cost for this service is $10/new manuscript. Revised submissions are free and there are no start-up or maintenance costs. Customizations are available at competitive rates.

A 50% discount is currently being offered to publications that switch from a competitor's system. The price of $5/manuscript then remains in place at least through the end of 2023.

Site License Option

A growing number of publishers no longer wish to pay recurring tithings to the likes of ScholarOne and Editorial Manager. For these publishers, site licenses are a great way to cut costs, eliminate recurring charges, and seamlessly integrate manuscript processing into their own websites. Site license clients are free to develop the code in any way they wish, by the hand of any developer they choose.

Further Information

The "Demo" link on provides an exercise designed to familiarize one with the core features of the system in about half an hour.

Please contact us if you might be interested in a Zoom session or telephone call to discuss these opportunities, or to arrange for a demonstration site specific to your publication.