msTracker Design Philosophy

Submitting manuscripts with one of our largest competitors is a simple, two-step process.

Step 1: Read the 70-page author manual
Step 2: Submit manuscript

(If Step 2 fails, repeat Step 1.)

Many journals and publishers could benefit from having greater respect for the time and effort of their authors and reviewers. Hours-long manuscript submission processes, agonizing logins, and lengthy review forms are counterproductive.

Authors and reviewers shouldn't be required to maintain accounts with usernames and passwords. Many developers wrongly assume that everyone must have an account. This unfortunate practice increases user support and frustration.

msTracker won't win any bells-and-whistles contests with its largest competitors. Its strengths lie in being easier to use, less expensive, faster, and more reliable.

Getting started with msTracker is much easier than with ScholarOne or Editorial Manager. Deployment of the turnkey system usually takes one business day or less.