Files should: If your file is over 25 MB, please employ one or more of the following steps to reduce its size:
  1. Save a clean version of the file by removing any tracked changes. This can be done by "accepting" the tracked changes using the Tools-->Track Changes-->Accept or Reject Changes menu option in MS Word.
  2. If the file is in MS Word format (.doc), try saving it as Rich Text Format (.rtf) using the File-->Save As menu option. If the file is in Rich Text Format (.rtf), try saving it in MS Word format (.doc).
  3. Compress the file using a zip utility such as Winzip, StuffIt or Mac ZipIt.
  4. Save the file in Portable Document Format (.pdf). offers a free suite of applications (similar to Microsoft Office) that include the ability to create PDF files. Adobe Acrobat is another good option, but isn't free.