Development Update
  1. A rejected manuscripts report allowing one to search by date and review status (all, rejected with review, desk reject) has been added.
  2. The ability to designate alternates has been added to the review request process. Alternates appear on the manuscript's detail page in the order chosen next to a "send request" link. This simplifies and accelerates the sending of additional requests as reviewers decline or do not respond, and provides a more targeted approach to reviewer solicitation when compared to the mass mailing method that is sometimes used.
  3. msTracker's external reviewer finding tool links (PubMed, Google Scholar, JANE) now run title searches on the target databases automatically to retrieve similar articles and their authors/potential reviewers.
  4. The system-wide cross-publication duplicate submission check now considers potential British-American spelling variations such as "tumour" and "tumor."
  5. Users can customize their manuscript list pages with the Misc → User Preferences menu option. Vertical and horizontal layouts are available, as well as the ability to choose which fields present. The default page that loads immediately after login can also be chosen.
  1. Authors and reviewers are not required to maintain usernames and passwords with msTracker. Most developers wrongly assume that everyone needs to have an account. This unfortunate practice increases user support and frustration.
  2. A growing number of journals and their publishers seem unwilling to continue funding Elsevier's robust profit margins and dubious practices. Taylor & Francis and Springer Nature have joined the exodus. Evidential links can be found on Editorial Manager's journals list pages and at